Eileen Stewart, CNM

Eileen Stewart

My passion and commitment for midwifery shapes and defines my life. It is what I dedicate myself to each day. I have served the WNY community for 21 years as a home birth midwife and have been honored to attend over 1,200 births. I am committed to creating options for families. Birth is such a magnificent moment; I am humbled by the experience of witnessing the strength of woman and the resilience of babies.

From a very early age, I was seen as a caregiver in my family of five brothers and three sisters. My first nursing experience with elderly in nursing homes and home care developed my comfort with providing care in the home setting and supporting life transitions. Later, my experience with tiny babies in neonatal intensive care along with supporting woman as a labor and delivery nurse provided a great foundation for my future calling into midwifery after the birth of my own two sons.

It is my hope that Buffalo Midwifery Services can support the growth and development of midwifery as an option for many families long into the future here in Western New York.

Luann Conte

LuAnn Conte

LuAnn is a birth assistant here at Buffalo Midwifery Service after working as a labor and delivery nurse for 23 years. She is hypnobirth certified and a DONA trained birth doula, a childbirth educator, breast feeding counselor (PCE), and postpartum doula. She has neonatal resuscitation program certification, pediatric advanced life support certification and is trained in placental encapsulation. She has served hundreds of families in WNY and has made it her life’s work to provide the best care for each, always striving to meet the individual needs of each woman by supporting every family with committed, compassionate care. LuAnn is the mother of four and lives in Niagara Falls with her husband and two dogs.

Christina Walsh

Christina Walsh

Christina manages the Midwifery Services office. At the age of six she was with her mother and midwife during the home birth of her younger brother. Even at a young age she found birth to be beautiful and empowering to witness, and is very happy to play a small part in helping other mothers, babies, and their families have the most respectful and gentle natural birth experiences possible. Christina has 2 children, both born at home. She occasionally attends birth as a doula. Contact her with paperwork and insurance questions at buffalomidwiferyservices@gmail.com.

Charles Bova

Charles Bova

Charles and Eileen purchased the Summer Street house in 2008, placing Buffalo Midwifery Services in their lovely Victorian home. A year later, they opened their home for families to use for home birth.

Charles restores and maintains this large old structure and has created an amazing private living space on the third floor. In the summer, Charles creates a vibrant garden area in the back property.

When not working on the house you’ll find Charles in the kitchen satisfying hungry appetites with his creative culinary skills. His Iridology studies under Master Annamaria Weld and knowledge of herbal remedies gives him the ability to create the right meal for what best suits the individual. If you would like Charles to cook for you at your birth or help you meal plan for better eating durning the pregnancy contact him at bovachuck@gmail.com.