Home Birth

Welcome your child at your home.
Birth in the comfort & familiar surroundings of your home.
Home provides a wonderful environment for a family to gently greet their babies. Deep bonds are formed in the intimate home environment. A sense of trust and confidence in the natural order of life can emerge.

Home Birth Supply List
Preparing for your birth is exciting! Careful planning and attention can help you have a calm labor, safe birth, and restful postpartum. Many of the items on the following list may be found in your home. Please have them ready for your home visit at 36 weeks. Place all of the items in a laundry basket or bin to await your birth. Please ask if you have any questions, substitutions can be made.

Home Birth Supply List
Informed Disclosure & Consent

Birthing Center
of Buffalo

Welcome your child at the Birthing Center of Buffalo.
As a freestanding birth center, it offers comprehensive certified midwifery and OB care, giving you the freedom to create a meaningful, empowering, unmedicated birth experience.

Eileen Stewart is the Consulting Midwife for the Birthing Center of Buffalo and has full access and privileges to give you quality care.


Hospital Birth

Welcome your child with us at Women’s & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. We have privileges here and will be there with you.